Status of Women

Valuing equality

"Gender equality is more than a goal in itself. It is a precondition for meeting the challenge of reducing poverty, promoting sustainable development and building good governance." - Kofi Annan


The Greens have a long and proud history of standing up for Australian women.

The Greens believe in equality for all women in all aspects of life and are committed to seeing these values reflected in our laws and society.

The Greens are committed to ensuring that all women receive equal pay for equal work and have equal opportunity to succeed in male-dominated industries.

The Greens believe all women should have access to family-friendly workplaces, flexible hours and affordable child-care.

All women have the inalienable right to be free from violence.

That’s why Lynn and the Greens are dedicated to providing adequately funded health care, housing and crisis services to combat the negative effects on domestic family violence victims.

Lynn will always stand up for a woman’s right to choose and access to free, confidential women’s health services.

There is no place for gender discrimination in our society.

Lynn and the Greens will continue to fight discrimation in all its forms and defend the rights of women against outdated conservative attitudes.

Social structures which disadvantage women must be changed.




Status of Women

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  • equal representation of women in public life
  • equal pay for work of equal or comparable value (see also The Greens (WA) Workplace Relations policy)
  • equal access for women to all paid occupations at all levels
  • the work of caring for children, older people and other dependents to be valued and recognised
  • those with family responsibilities not to face discrimination and, where possible, to be able to work without conflict between their paid employment and caring and other family responsibilities


  • family-friendly workplaces and public spaces
  • women to live their lives free from violence
  • women  to have access to appropriate, safe and confidential health and wellbeing services, including reproductive health services (see also The Greens (WA) Health policy)
  • women to have equal access to appropriate well-resourced education services, at all levels of education throughout their lives  (see also The Greens (WA)Education policy)
  • education in critical understanding of gender relations (see also The Greens (WA) Sexuality and Gender Identity policies.


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