Water Sustainability

"We never know the worth of water till the well is dry." Thomas Fuller

Lynn, the Greens WA spokesperson for Water Sustainability, is committed to ensuring open and transparent reporting on water resources, their use and management, and ensuring water resources are managed according to the precautionary principle.

Water use charges for all water users should reflect the true cost of monitoring, managing and protecting our water resources, and there must be research into the long term impacts of mining, logging, dam-building, stock access and other practices that have the potential to damage water supplies.

In WA, the priorities for Water Sustainability include scientific assessment of water allocation and licensing practices, and the need to ensure better policing of the metering of water use for licensed water extraction.

Lynn supports the use of water sensitive urban design and construction and better drainage systems and catchments to minimise the entry of nutrient and non-nutrient pollutants in waterways.

For domestic homes, priorities include promoting the use of rainwater tanks as alternative water sources and supporting plumbing systems in new buildings which allow for the reuse of domestic greywater.

"Water is the driving force of all nature." Leonardo da Vinci



Water Sustainability

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  • long-term assessment of the impact of climate change on the extent and sustainability of our water resources,
  • water resource management integrated with long-term regional planning,
  • the biological diversity and ecology of water-dependent ecosystems preserved in water allocations,
  • the creation and implementation of Area Water Management Plans according to sustainable management principles in order to achieve sustainable water resource outcomes,
  • regular reports published on Area Water Management Plans detailing the quantity and quality of water resources, the extent of extraction, the health of dependent ecosystems and the ongoing sustainability of resource use,


  • strong funding for the protection and management of water resources and restoration of degraded environments,
  • research and implementation of water conservation, re-use and recycling measures.



Greens WA Water Resources Policy

Australian Greens Water Policy


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