Potholes in Government Bike Network Plan Exposed in Greens Submission

Greens (WA) transport spokesperson Lynn MacLaren MLC responded today to the Western Australian Bicycle Network Plan 2012-2021 released by the Department of Transport. Ms MacLaren said that after extensive consultation with community groups and cycling organisations, it was very clear that the Draft Plan fell well short of what is needed.

“No one can have missed the growing traffic congestion in Perth. Investing in cycling infrastructure makes riding a real transport choice. If we are serious about reducing traffic and pollution in our city we need to make cycling safe. The State Government’s draft Bike Network Plan has as many holes as Perth’s current bike infrastructure. The Greens have provided a comprehensive response as a starting point.

“Cycling is a real transport choice for an increasing number of people today. The bike Plan needs to be more than a joy ride.

“Many people are wanting to jump on their bikes for commuting between home and work, between home and school. Our submission to the draft Bike Network Plan looks at the long waiting times communities face in seeing paths and amenities built.

“We a long way from completing the current network, and the draft bike Plan doesn’t address maintenance of current paths, let alone those to be built.

“The Bike Blackspot App for smartphones, launched by the Greens, has been bringing in photographs and data on dangerous places throughout the cycling network. We are seeing potholes in routes, broken surfaces and debris strewn across paths.

“The draft Plan locks in the dreadful practice of mixing bikes with cars and pedestrians. Separating cyclists from other traffic must be done to improve safety. The Plan includes nothing for safety in terms of new education or awareness programs, and no commitment to providing safe cycle routes to schools and train stations.

“The Government needs to listen to the people who want to cycle if they’re serious about fixing the bike network. We need to see substantial action – and that means a substantial plan. It’s not too late to make this Plan what it should be,” said Ms MacLaren.