Reducing Emissions from Cockburn Cement

Lynn's office receives a significant number of phone calls and emails from people in the suburbs around Cockburn Cement.

Cement dust on cars, houses and in water tanks, plus health concerns, are just some of the problems we hear about.

Lynn's office has put in a submission for Cockburn Cement's draft licence. The submission was informed by consultation with local constituents and experts in the field of heavy industry pollution and toxicity. It made 20 new recommendations including:

  • The Licence should require the installation of more modern filtration systems including additional baghouses, carbon and urea injection to reduce dioxin emissions, and wet scrubbers to all major discharge points. This would reduce TSP pollution dramatically.
  • Until Baghouses and the other controls are installed, the Licencee should not be permitted to emit waste gases to the atmosphere through the Major Discharge Points.

To view the full submission, please click on the PDF file below.

Please contact this office if you have any concerns about Cockburn Cement emissions or would like to be connected with other concerned residents. 

Click here to view the Proposed Amendment to the Cockburn Cement License released this week: