Safe Passing Distances Bill - a Metre Matters

Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren introduced the Road Traffic (Keeping Safe Distances from Bicycles) Amendment Bill on Thursday, 20 March, during Cycle Instead Bikeweek 2014.
“Greens MPs around Australia are pushing for laws to make cycling safer alongside the Amy Gillett Foundation's ‘A Metre Matters’ campaign”, said Ms MacLaren. “The WA Bill requires drivers of vehicles to leave a minimum distance when overtaking bicycle riders: one metre on roads up to 60 km/h, and 1.5 metres on faster roads”.
“Ninety per cent of cycling deaths involve a motor vehicle. The Greens Bill will help drivers and bicycle riders share our roads more safely”.

“The Amy Gillett Foundation CEO Tracey Gaudry explained that everyone has the right to ride safely for work and play. Legislation supporting a minimum overtaking distance is one of a number of connected initiatives to foster greater acceptance of cycling in our culture, and help drivers and bicycle riders share our roads more safely.”

“It’s time WA joined world best practice in cycling safety. Queensland has just begun a two-year trial of safe passing distances. Legislated minimum gaps have been introduced in Belgium, France, Portugal and the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, as well as nearly half the states in the USA”. Safe passing distances are a major part of the Greens Bike Vision, where Senator Scott Ludlam details a comprehensive bike plan for Perth.