Save the Beeliar Wetlands from Roe 8

Lynn's office is working closely with community groups and independent researchers who are opposed to the Roe 8 highway extension going through the culturally and ecologically important Beeliar wetlands.The North and Bibra Lakes are home to more than 220 plant species and 123 bird species including the endangered Carnaby's Black Cockatoo and Peregrine falcon.It is used by migratory waterbirds such as greenshanks, dotterels, plovers and sandpipers, which are protected by International Governmental Agreements (JAMBA and CAMBA). The Australian Heritage Commission and the National Trust of Australia describe it as “possibly the least disturbed of all the remaining wetlands in the Perth metropolitan area. The best site south of the Swan River. Archeologically and anthropologically unique.”The South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council (SWALSC) have also issued a statement saying that the Noongar community is steadfastly opposed to the Roe 8 extension adding that it will destroy some critically important heritage sites and adversely affect others.You can help in a number of ways.Sign an online petitionEmail the PremierWrite a letter to your local and State papersUseful linksGreens (WA) Urban Bushland PolicySave North LakeSave Beeliar Wetlands The Cockburn Wetlands Centre

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