"Youth has no age." -Pablo Picasso

Seniors have been particularly hard hit by the massive increases in utility prices that have occurred in Western Australia over the past two years. 

Many seniors live on a fixed income and are the ones who are most likely to need extra heating and cooling at home.  Seniors also have pressing concerns around housing, transport, access to services, inclusion in decision making as well as contending with negative stereotypes about their abilities.

Lynn is working closely with providers of services to older people to ensure that their voices are heard by government.

We regard the skills, experiences, wisdom and memories of seniors as assets which benefit the whole community.   We believe that seniors have the right to live with dignity and that seniors have equal rights to participate in the social, economic and political aspects of life.

It is a critical time in the development of senior’s policy in Western Australia.  Recent Productivity Commission forecasts show that Western Australia is currently undergoing a demographic transition that will see seniors make up 25% of its population. 

The Western Australian government must be proactive in meeting the diverse and complex needs of the older members of our community as already stretched services will be in even greater demand. 

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