Stop GM Crops

"People will have [GM] Roundup Ready soya whether they like it or not." - Monsanto spokesperson, Ann Foster

Simply put, we want to keep Western Australia free from genetically modified organisms in our ecosystems and food supply.

We’d like to uphold a moratorium on growing commercial crops of genetically modified organisms because of the risk of spreading genetically modified organisms and altering native flora and fauna or threatening native species, the patenting and commercial control of life forms and the impact on the lucrative and clean green image of the organic grower industry.

We’d also like food containing GMO’s to be labelled clearly so that people have a choice about eating GMO’s.

We support organisations declaring that they will not use products which contain Genetically Modified ingredients.

We encourage local governments in the city and in regional Western Australia to declare their boundaries to be GMO-free zones.

The Greens (WA) oppose plant and transgenic animal genetic engineering and the release into the environment of genetically engineered micro-organisms, because of the failure of the genetic engineering industry to demonstrate that it is operating safely and ethically in these areas. Genetic engineering offers the potential for enormous good and enormous harm and therefore should be treated with caution.

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