Support A Fully Functional Animal Welfare Unit in WA

Sep 23 2010 09:00

A respectful and peaceful gathering is to be held in Parliament on Thursday 23rd September 2010 at 9am targeting Premier Barnett & Minister Castrilli; the men responsible for this decision (to not fully fund the Animal Welfare Unit), and for the dire situation our farmed animals including horses now find themselves in.

If you support the reinstatement and continued funding of a fully functional and operational Inspectorate please attend.

Refer to the news section for recent coverage of this important issue:

For more information, contact:

As there is no one group or person organising this gathering @ 9am, those attending must abide by the following by laws:$FILE/Parliamentary+Reserve+By-laws+1972.pdf

In short, peaceful, no foul language or disruption to the public, parliament or traffic etc.

Thank you.