Protecting the Habitat of Native Animals

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Western Australia is home to some of the most unique biodiversity on earth. 

The south west of WA being one of only 34 global biodiversity hotspots, based on the high number of unique plants and the high level of threats to the region by Conservation International.

Southwest Australia Ecoregion is also one of five Mediterranean biomes and that this biome type is the most threatened of the planet’s eight biomes. 

WA's current biodiversity legislation is over 60 years old, it is time for action to demand stronger legislation for our unique and precious biodiversity and native animals

What you can do

If you would like to support the campaign to protect the habitat on native animals, its time to take action.

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Contact your Federal and State MPs and let them know that you want biodiversity legislation that will protect our unique species.

Write to the press

The Australian: submit letter to  

Australian Financial Review: email letters to

The West Australian: submit letter to

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Australia wide

ABC NewsRadio - 13 9994
ABC Radio National - (02) 8333 2821


6PR (882AM) - (08) 9221 1882
ABC Perth (720AM) - 1300 222 720
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Protecting the Habitat of Native Animals

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