"Each traveller can take on the role of ambassador for international peace, by sharing his or her own culture and traditions and by learning those of the host country."  - John Graf, International Institute for Peace through Tourism

We recognize the importance of the tourism industry and support its increasing contribution to the West Australian economy.  Lynn believes in environmentally sustainable tourism and is working hard in Parliament to ensure long-term sustainability in the industry and appropriate, diverse development with the consensus of local communities. 

WA’s natural resources, rich history, heritage and vibrant arts community provide the basis for the tourism industry.  Investment in education and training of our people with the range of skills and knowledge required to supply tourism ventures and associated businesses is essential.  As tourism expands, we must be sensitive to the effect on our communities and their way of life, ensuring that our natural and cultural assets endure and are protected from over-exploitation. 

As the Greens member looking after the Tourism Portfolio, Lynn has been asking questions in Parliament and supporting the movement to prevent coal mining in Margaret River to help preserve the area as a tourist destination.  She is also very active in promoting and protecting Rottnest Island.

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